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How do you put personal podcasts onto wikispaces?

Alignment of Text
This is unfortunately impossible. I am currently trying to find a work around.
On the refugee cause under colombia how do you center a caption?
On the Burundi cover page, the text is strangely aligned but when you go to edit the page, the text is perfectly fine! Any suggestions?

Embedding Media
How can I put music on a page so that it plays when the page opens?

JF: You'll need to use an html embed code to do so, though keep in mind many people do not enjoy music being played on a page they open. I sure don't. Anyways:
<embed src="beethoven.mid" autostart="true" />
That's what you would use to embed a song, of course changing the name to the name of the file. If you want we could make it loop, change the volume, etc, but let's keep it simple for now.

However, to use the html code, you need to enable it by using "embed media" in the visual editor. Along with this, the music file has to be hosted on the internet somewhere other than the wiki.


If you need music to be posted, email me at with the .mp3 file and I will send you the html for the upload.

Upload site for music: .

How do I embed a code that is from a myspace layout page and put it onto my page so that I can have the picture in the background and have different colored fonts and what not.

Embedding Media Part II

Embedding video requires the video to be uploaded to Google Video or Youtube. Then take the code from the page and put it into the embed media portion.

Page Naming
All page names can only be used once, so we need a naming system. For top level pages like those shown on the navbar, just use a descriptive name. For each of the pages under each country, use the name of the country followed by the subsection you are making. For example, if you are working on Iran, and are creating a page on politics, don't call it Politics, call it Iran - Politics. This is to make sure there is no confusion on which page belongs to which country.

Browser Choice
Why can't I use the visual editor?
The visual editor is only supported in Firefox or Internet Explorer. In any other browser, editing will be in text mode only. If you use windows, Internet Explorer is already installed. Mozilla Firefox is available at, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The color scheme looks awful!
Make a better one and send the colors (like this: #FFFFCC) by personal message to Giraud (camgira) or mjbrhsm4. You will need to send a background color, menu color, text color, and link color. This tool might help:

Wiki editing tips, mostly taken from the WikiSpaces help page:

Table of Contents
Why does the URL of my image appear on the table of contents?
Your image is defined as a heading. All headings are shown on the table of contents. To fix it, you need to make the image normal, not a heading. To do this in the visual editor, select the image. Then at the top drop down the box that says "Heading" and change it to "Normal"

If your page does not have a table of contents, and you would like them, the code for it in the text editor is
Not sure where it is in the visual editor. However, to get links to show up on your table of contents, you need to make sure what you want there is signified as a header.

Getting More Help
If you are still having trouble ask someone in our tech support group. You may also get help from