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The Flag of Rwanda has a golden sun with 24 rays on a field of green, yellow and blue. The red and black of the old flag were replaced by sky blue, with the yellow rays of the sun shyining down from the top right-hand corner. This shows happiness and a brighter future, which is a new start from its old red and black flag, with conotations to blood spilt and gloom/the thought of mourning. [3]


Rwanda, The Republic of Rwanda, or the Land of a Thousand Hills, is a small landlocked country in east-central Africa. Best known for the infamous Rwandan Genocide of 1994, which left up to 1 million people dead or missing. Even with this massive loss of human life, the population density of Rwanda is high and rising, and with a uncertain climate and decreasing soil fertility, famine and poverty spread through Rwanda like wildfire.

Geography and Statistics

Maps and information about Rwanda. Rwanda is located in central Africa. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali it is the largest city in Rwanda. The population of Rwanda is.....[1]


The Tutsi and the Hutu are warring tribes. The Hutu ar the majority and the Tutsi are the minority. Eight hundred thousand or more are said to have perished in the genocide. The United States did little to nothing to stop it. It all started when...

Before Refugee Crisis

Many leaders began to work for national peace, unity, and development. Under this new movement for peace Tutsi and Hutu
people went to the polls in 1978. The majority of Tutsi and Hutu people voted for...[2]

Traditions and Culture

It's hard for people that aren't from Rwanda to understand the complexity and myths that follow its traditions. The Rwandan culture is ancient and beautiful. You will find art forms, recipes, and traditions here. Let's listen to their music, watch their dancing, gander at their art, and eat their food!

Refugee Cause

What caused it? How many of them are there? When did all this political corruption begin? These are questions that are hard for anyone to really answer. Here is a brief history of the Refugee Cause and how devastating all of this is to the whole of Africa. The African heart.


A Podcast with a discussion of an interview with a Rwandan, who was there when the genocide started, his story about how he got to the United States and videos about the genocide.


A small collection of pictures and photographs describing the Rwandan genocide.


Links to non-profit organizations, more information, and anything else having to do with Rwanda..

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