Wiki Rubric: Version 1

Facts: 50 points (writing)
Your facts should compellingly represent the country you are representing.
1. Audio files
2. Video files
3. Facts presented with conscious effort made to invite readers
4. Maps
Your work should be creative and inviting to your audience.

Grammar: 20 points (grammar)
Your writing should be FREE of errors of all kinds.

Story: 25 points (literature)
Need to tell your story in a creative and interesting fashion.
1. First hand accounts of refugees, aid workers, military, etc….
2. Photos of people, places, things
3. Video, audio, music, photo files

Feedback and Contributions: 30 points (project)
Provide regular feedback to partner wikis (TBA)
Your team must help other groups build their sites by providing regular feedback, additions, and improvements to pages. There are many ways you can contribute to any of the main pages especially.

Organization: 40 points (project)
Layout and design of your pages
1. Links to other pages within your country page
2. Tables of contents
3. Word links
4. Glossaries, index, facts, links
5. Use of headings and graphics in your page design

Audience: 30 points (writing)
Your pages have been developed with a sense of audience and purpose.
1. Resources for refugees
2. Resources for those who want to understand and/or help them

Individual Portfolio: 40 points (20 project/20 writing)
In addition to your group grade based on the preceding items, each individual will submit a portfolio of contributions. This portfolio will determine the quality of your individual additions to the page. For this reason, it is critical that you are logged in as yourself to get credit for changes you make. If you are working with another person in your group in a truly collaborative fashion, I must get signed consent from the user whose name is associated with the change to include you in the credit. We will explore ways that wikispaces can help us do this.