Iran is a beautiful country in the Middle East where citizens are deprived of basic freedoms, students are jailed for peaceful protests and you can be killed for advocating free speech. There are people there who need our help. These people are forced to leave their homes and move far away just to stay alive or for their children to have the opportunity for an education. They need food, jobs, transitional support and a secure place to live, many refugees are trying to come to America but it is a very hard journey, fortunately there are people who can help.

Before the Refugee Cause

This is what life was like several years ago.


Iran is located in the middle east neighboring Iraq, Azerbaijan,
Armenia, and Turkmenistan.

Political History

Iran is controlled by three basic groups; the Kurds, Assyrians, and
the Iraqui Turkmen who represent the largest non-Arab population in Iran.

Traditions and Culture

Iran is a secular country primarily Muslim.

Refugee Cause

There are thousands of people in need of help that can easily be provided by us in America. These people have lost everything and
they want a better life for themselves and their families.


In this link there are many stories of refugees who tell about their travels away from their terrible lives in Iran.

Professional viewpoints

Although there is a huge problem with refugees today, there are
people who organize help for them. These people are true angels to refugees.


Here are some clips of movies, pictures, and some other media that relates to Iran.

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