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“Sitting is being crippled.”
-Ethiopian Proverb




Ethiopia is a beautiful country in Eastern Africa known for its rich culture and history. Many important fossils as well as the bones of early humans have been unearthed in its deserts. The 20th century has been a time of political turmoil for this nation, and many groups have been struggling for power since the overthrow of Haile Selassie in 1974, which ended the centuries old Solomonic Dynasty. Ethiopia's main export is coffee, which it is famous for, but a series of droughts in the 1970's affected the country's economic stability. The last few decades in Ethiopia have been characterized by a struggle with Eritrea, which gained its independence in 1993, and border disputes led to a war in the late 1990's. Ethiopia has produced many successful athletes, and is home to a great variety of religions and peoples.


Ethiopia borders Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya. Several rivers run through the country, such as the Dawa, the Awash, and the Tekeze. It is 50 miles from the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It has the highest altitude of any country in Africa and has a tropical climate. The capital is Addis Ababa.

This video is a collage of images of the geography, everyday life and the people of Ethiopia.


About the political parties in Ethiopia and politicians who are important to the region.

Before Refugee Crisis

What the life of an average person in Ethiopia was like before the refugee crisis.


Traditions and Culture

The culture of this country is very unique and original. The way they dress, eat, work, and go about their everyday lives in a way that other countries strive for themselves.

Refugee Cause

Reasons, including differing cultures, armies, natural disasters, and war, why so many Ethiopians have become refugees.


These compelling articles and stories tell of the lives and hardships of several individuals who have endured far more than any average person.

More Stories

A place for you to post your stories.

Professional Viewpoints

Viewpoints provided by those who are in the profession of helping and mentoring refugees from around the world.


Multimedia sources of information on Ethiopia.


This page has links to different resources for Ethiopian geography, history, and the problems in the country.

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