A brief overview of this African country.

Geography and Statistics

Eritrea has beautiful plains, lowlands, mountains, plateaus, and is also on the coast of the Red Sea. Eritrea is not very big, and only has about one million people, but is full of life and culture. The capital of Eritrea is Asmara. They don't receive much rain, but the climate is usually sunny and dry.


This page includes a brief explaination of how Eritrea's current government structure came to be.

Before Refugee Crisis

Because of the war with Ethiopia that lasted over 30 years, Eritrea has a crisis with refugees, there are so many of them trying to get out of their country into safety. Here's a little insight into that and a description on life before the refugee crisis.

Traditions and Culture

There are many different types of people and languages in Eritrea, that all have a great and unique culture. Eritreans like to have fun and live life to the fullest. They enjoy eating, marriages, and coffee ceremonies. They are also known to be hard workers as well as great dancers.

Refugee Cause

This page tells about the main reasons for regufees in Eritrea.


These stories were recorded from our interview with Merhawi and tell part of his story and how he turned on his country and escaped to freedom.

Professional Viewpoints

There are many different organizations trying to make a difference in Eritrea and here are their viewpoints and experiences.


The Media we have obtained includes the national anthem, pictures of the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, as well as videos that describe the conditions in the country and the situations that the people are in.