Refugees I Wanna Know!

This page is a place to post anything highlighting social contributions refugees are making in our world.

Safe Sex Rap

Check out this original rap by some teenage refugees from Somalia and Sudan. Click below to hear.

The Refugee All-Stars

is a band created by a group of refugees from a camp in Sierra Leone. They're free now and here in the US on tour! Look for them in a city near you. SALT LAKE...get ready. They are coming to Red Butte Gardens on August 5th. Have a listen on iTunes to some of their stuff. It's great!

NPR Story about the group

Ismael Beah

Wow. What a cool guy and what an amazing story. You'll be surprised by his gentleness and wisdom especially given his experiences in war. But when you hear about the beautiful life in his country Sierra Leone BEFORE the war, it's a little easier to see why he's so neat. What a testament to the human spirit and to the profound need for the world to see others as individuals, as human beings, as people not objects or enemies or criminals or victims. We have a lot to learn from this guy. Check out more on the Sierra Leone page.