Colombia is a republic in the middle of a civil war. This war is a war between the paramilitary and the leftist guerrilla group, both of which are violent and terrifying, independently led groups. The war is resulting in mass casualties and creating a fearful environment for the citizens of Colombia. Hostile tension has been building since the 1980's, being fueled by government corruption and the country's recurrent and seemingly unyielding drug problem (the drug war).


Some facts about Colombia:

• Colombia is located at the "top" of South America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela, and the northern Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama.
• Colombia is just under three times the size of Montana.
• Colombia covers only 1 percent of the world's land surface, but boasts 10 percent of the world's flora and fauna.
• Colombia's population is 41,008,227 (July 2002 estimate).
• Most Colombians speak Spanish, but there are more than 60 indigenous languages as well.
• A 40-year-long insurgent campaign to overthrow the Colombian government escalated during the 1990s, largely funded by the drug trade. [10]

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